Triumpant return to blogging…or not

My life has gotten complicated.  I’m in the middle of trying to purchase my first home, work 3 jobs, Crossfit, and maintain a half of a social life.  Amid all of the hustle and bustle of daily life, I’ve noticed I’m not taking very good care of myself.

I began blogging about my journey into Crossfit over a year ago at, to help track my progress. However, with Beyond the Whiteboard and Crossfit Hydro’s blog page, I haven’t paid much attention to the blog in almost a year.  I also noticed, when going back over the blog, my “vital statistics.”

8/1/11 (one month after starting Crossfit)
Height:  5’6″
Weight:  189.6 lbs
BMI: 31
Body Fat %:  36.4

Wow.  Major depression.  I think I’m currently weighing in at 197.0 these days.  Herein lies the problem.  I’m working out 4-6 days per week and I’m gaining weight.  Not the good kind, either, but the “I eat McDonalds for breakfast and when I’m stressed I might even eat a whole bag of potato chips and my fat pants barely fit” kind of weight.

Yeah, this sucks.   This is me.  Weighing just shy of 200 lbs. And it sucks.

Accountability time.  I’ve never been much of a self motivator, so I’m putting it out to the virtual world to help keep me on track.  Crossfit Hydro is doing an 8 week nutrition challenge starting this week (today?!?!) and I’m ready to commit myself to return to eating clean, getting my tail into the gym 5-6 days per week (or at least doing WODs on my own when I can’t make it to class), and making sure I’m getting solid sleep every night.

So, please, friends… if you see me making a food choice that isn’t the best… a friendly reminder to keep my eye on the prize (I’ve yet to determine what the prize is, but I know weighing 200+ pounds and eating highly processed food isn’t it) would be extremely appreciated.  Or a “Hey, tubby, put down the doughnut.”  That works, too.

I will never have the ability to be 110% committed to making Crossfit/paleo/fitness my lifestyle, but I do know I want to put more energy into taking care of myself.  My goal isn’t to be an elite athlete, just healthy and happy.  Wish me luck on the re-invigorated journey, and I hope I can share with you some excellent results throughout the next 8 weeks.

PS – thanks to my other blogging friends (Sam, Katie Danger, Joanna, Jessi) for inspiring me to return to the virtual world. I’ll never have Sam’s wit, but I’m really good at posting photos of food, and I hope that’ll compensate for my lack of written grace.



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