8 Week Nutrition Challenge

Crossfit Hydro’s 8 week nutrition challenge begins today.

Not thrilled with starting the first day of a food challenge on the road, but I made due.

Breakfast was some sausage, a greek yogurt, and a small banana.  I snacked on some baked apple rings and almonds while at Project Homeless Connect.  I brought my own lunch (really, really smart, since lunch was hot dogs, chips, and cookies) of leftover rotisserie chicken and strawberries.  I’m munching some cut up tomatoes and cucumbers in balsamic right now before I hit the road back to Omaha.

Last night we weighed and measured… here’s where I’m starting:

36.4% body fat
31.8 BMI
39.5″ waist
45.25″ hip
12″ arm
26.5 thigh

Here’s hoping for some major drops in the next month!

I’m trying really hard not only to track on Hydro’s sheets, but also to record everything I eat via My Fitness Pal, so I can keep myself accountable to what I’m actually putting down my gullet.  I’m following a paleo/Zone framework, but I’m also remembering that if I want to make this a lifestyle and not a diet, I’ve got to take it a little easy on myself.

Cheers to new beginnings!


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