Entering my 29th Year…

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. If you had asked me 10 or maybe even 5 years ago where I thought I’d be at age 29, I would have been way off.

A reflection on my 28th year, both the highs and the lows:

Highs: I just bought my first home.  I have a job(s) I love. I’m in a relationship with a very kind and loving man. I love that I found Crossfit and my sister (and Shupe) have joined me at Hydro. My family has been exceptionally supportive of me during a ton of transitions. My friends rock.

Lows: After over a year of Crossfit, I still can’t get my eating issues under control and I feel like a fat blob. I’m pretty broke…like up to my eyeballs in debt.  My baby dog, Pablo passed away this year due to heart problems. I’m still feeling major unrest and anxiety about where I’m at in life (for no obvious reason).

My birthday was great, don’t get me wrong.  But I spent most of yesterday in a major funk.  I think I still have some major demons in my head that need ass kicking.  Maybe stress just has the best of me right now.  Dreading doing my weigh in for 2 week check up at the gym. Boo.

I’m hopeful that my 29th year will be my best yet.


2 thoughts on “Entering my 29th Year…

  1. As a side note – I did weigh in last night… better results than I’d thought:

    Down 3# (194#)
    Lost .5% Body Fat
    Lost 1.5″ on the waist.

  2. Great to hear your weigh in went well! And as a person approaching their 29th year, I am in the same boat sweetheart. A little apprehensive, a little sad, but overall just in a funk. I think it’s just our self -made conciousnes that our “Roaring 20’s” are almost over, and for all the FUN (and we had fun) we had, what did we accomplish? I choose remember the good times, forget the bad and look to the future. Who says out 30’s have to be dull, hum drum and a path to death’s door? NO WAY! You shine far too bright to be put under a basket B- I say let’s throw out the book and let 30’s be the new 20’s… and live like everyday is your last. Just my 2 cents, Cheers- KT 🙂

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