8 Week Nutrition Challenge: RESULTS!

After our 8 week nutrition challenge at Crossfit Hydro, here are my results:

Beginning Weight:  197#
Ending Weight: 189#
Pounds Lost = 8#

Beginning Body Fat: 36.4%
Ending Body Fat: 32.0%
Percentage Lost = 4.4%

Beginning Waist Measurement: 39.5″
Ending Waist Measurement: 36.5″
Inches Lost = 3″

Beginning Hip Measurement: 45.25″
Ending Hip Measurement: 44.0″
Inches Lost = 1.25″

Beginning Arm Measurement: 12.0″
Ending Arm Measurement: 11.25″
Inches Lost = .75″

I’m pretty darn happy with the results, especially considering I was FAR from perfect.  I’m looking forward to January, I start a Whole30 with the PaleOmaha meetup group and some of my friends and family.

Also, despite having a head full of snot (I’ve been battling an awesome head cold all weekend), I got an overhead squat PR for the first time since I banged up my shoulder last June.  93# for 2 reps, and I think I could have done more.  YAY!

Happy Holidays to you all, and wishing you the best in the New Year! 🙂


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