Happy New Year – Whole30 & TacFit Games


To get the new year started off right, a group of us joined the PaleOmaha meetup group to do a Whole30.  It opened my eyes to a new world of those who don’t crossfit (I always thought paleo & crossfit went hand in hand) – for a variety of reasons.  We had dinner at Dolce, which was delicious!  I’m excited my roommate and co-worker, Elyse, is trying her first Whole30 – it makes preparing food at home that much easier!

We are on day 21, and I’m feeling spectacular!  I fit into pants I haven’t worn in years, I feel good at the gym, my digestive system is feeling much more at peace, and we are trying new recipes all week long!  Here is some of the deliciousness:

TurkeySprouts SteakBrunchFajitas

Pictured:  My very first turkey with paleo stuffing, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts with bacon, sirloin steak and asparagus (from Round the Bend Steakhouse), sweet potato hash and eggs with kale salad, and turkey fajitas in lettuce cups!

In addition to the Whole30, January brought the TacFit Games, hosted by Team Offut Tactical Fitness.  This was my first “real” competition, and it was a team competition (which sort of freaked me out… I was afraid of letting down my teammates!)

I was on a team with my sister (Laura), her husband (Tom), and our friend, Colin.  We decided to enter the “scaled” division, due to a few movements we were nervous about (heavy one arm kettlebell snatches, pistols, and muscle-ups).

After a really long and brutal day, I’m proud to say we finished 5th overall of 14 teams in the scaled division (after rocking out the first WOD in the pool and winning by over a minute!)  It was really close for the top 5 teams – we were only 2 points away from 3rd place and being able to compete in the final event.  All in all, I think all four of us were really happy with the results, and did much better than we had anticipated.  Today, I’m still so sore I can barely tie my own shoes, but it was well worth it!!!

Thanks to Ashley of Reborn Fitness for the great pictures she took this weekend!

Box Jump BriWall Ball BriCelebrateTeamHydro GirlsHydro Boys


2013 is off to a great start, and I can’t wait to see what else this year will bring!!!


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