Let the Open Begin (and let the progress continue)!

Today Kicks Off the CrossFit Games Open.  One year ago, I joined Fit2Fight’s Open team because I was told to. I had nothing to lose – no expectations, no pressures.  This year, I’m approaching the Open a little differently.  I’ve grown a  lot in the last few months – as an athlete and as a person.  I’m exited and anxious for the Open this year because I feel like I have something to prove to myself.  I’ve been putting in really hard work nutritionally – I know my training has suffered in the past because of my inability (or unwillingness) to get my eating under control.   This year, I’m feeling much more prepared – but with a higher set of expectations.

13.1 was released last night, and I got to celebrate it with a group of my closest friends.  I feel like another dramatic shift for the Open this year will be competing side by side with my sister and a really spectacular group of other women who are strong, beautiful people who inspire me every day at the gym.  I will succeed.  Crossfit Hydro is a great community, and I’m looking forward to (fingers crossed) seeing our gym represented by some talented individuals and a team at Regionals this summer.

My journey is far from over, but I want to share a photo of how far I’ve come in just a few short months:

Thanksgiving Day, 2012 (Red Bra):  197#

January 30th, 2013 (Grey Bra):  184#PhotoGrid_1360420280572

This weekend I weighed in at 180.6.  I’ve not had a chance to run any other numbers (inches, body fat, etc.), but I can guarantee you I’m feeling fan-freaking-tastic.  I’m doing a great job of cooking paleo consistently, and have felt pretty good about keeping a 80-20 approach to my eating (eating paleo 80% of the time, and enjoying some cheats 20% of the time) which was my goal coming out of January’s Whole30.

All in all, I’m really excited to see what the next 5 weeks bring, and see if I can continue to surprise myself with the progress I’ve made!

Thank you to my friends and family who’ve continued to support me, push me, and inspire me on a daily basis!


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